Our Logo Rationale...

As financial advisors, we are engaged to provide the best possible solutions. Crimson signifies our passion in what we do; silver reflects our integrity; the white background reflects purity and rose red reflects our commitment in providing the best viable alternative. The two triangular shapes are held together by a straight silver line, signifying the consolidation of each of these elements. The sides of the triangle represent the audience we serve, our clients, the regulators and our shareholders. Essentially, our logo signifies excellence in integrity and service.


  • Familiar with Infrastructure & Project Financing Landscape.
  • Comprise Professionals with Accounting, Banking, Economics, Project Finance and Corporate Finance skills
  • Assignments are undertaken by Senior Personnel
  • Dedicated team willing to turnaround project proposals / implementation quickly
  • Ability to undertake Business Feasibility Analysis and provide Expertise on Applicable Financial Models