Marwan Faiz
Consultant/Associate Director

Marwan holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Accounting (Hons) from Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom. He also holds a professional qualification in ACCA and is also a Certified Accounting Technician.

Prior to joining MPCA, Marwan was with YTL Power Seraya Ptd Ltd, Singapore where he worked as an Enterprise Risk Analyst and was secretary to the Risk Management Committee. He was involved in counterparty risk management, mark-to-market hedging position (derivatives), mark-to-market physical oil trading.

Marwan’s key accomplishments include:-

  • Re-designing the company's entire risk management system, including mark-to-market report generating system, incorporating fundamentals of risk management, Singapore electricity market, global oil and gas market, oil refining and forex / oil trading.
  • Writing up the complete set of company policy & procedure, corporate governance and internal controls for one of the main Internet Service Provider in Malaysia to prepare for IPO on Bursa Malaysia.
  • Providing Accounting, Tax and Risk Management services for SME's in Malaysia.
  • Setting up a self-sustained NGO (registered with ROS Malaysia) with 4 social enterprises to support it.